We Care About Your Business

We Care About Your Business

We contribute to changing and improving the way knowledge and technology, for the benefit of business and information processes, can be applied. Using different methodologies such as: Lean, Prince2, Scrum, Agile and Kanban we help customers to improve Agile working and accomplish their goals.

Our FIELD OF Expertise


Project management - Program management - Consultancy - Agile - Lean - Lean SixSigma

Project management

We take care of application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve specific project objectives according to the project acceptance criteria within agreed parameters.

Program management

We take care of the process of managing projects in a program, mapped to business objectives that improve organizational performance.

Lean & Agile

Whitin our Projects we practice the Lean-Agile Mindset, acombination of beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, and actions of SAFe leaders and practitionerswho embrace the concepts of the Agile Manifesto and Lean thinking.


We provide professional and expert advice on several topics in our industry.

Why Choose Us
We run a diverse portfolio of projects

We run multiple big projects for industry, local- and central government, banking industry, health care and retail. We advise senior management on their most critical issues and opportunities and we streamline their business processes to get the best value for money. Over 25 years of experience in project- and program management we have build a broad knowledge how to sucessfully run projects and programs within your organization.

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We offer
Different Services

We have multiple expertises in different areas. Our customers are active in diverse branches.
We work for retail, banking sector, health care, datacenters, local- and central government and industry.
Contact us if you want to find out more what services we can provide.

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